Showcase Platform For Architecture Project Portfolios

ArchiWorld is an online platform to showcase creative and innovative architecture projects. It helps you explore captivating architecture ideas. to ignite your passion for architectural excellence.

: Architecture

: ReactJS, TailwindCSS, Sass, Firebase, MongoDB, ExpressJS, Multer, Jwt

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User Authentication

ArchiWorld offers a seamless user journey, starting from account creation. Abderaouf has successfully implemented a smooth authentication process, ensuring easy access for users through various actions:

  • Sign up and Login using email and password
  • Account validation via email during signup process
  • Profile information is public and visible to other users
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Projects Management

Aside from finding inspiration, users can also have their own portfolio, gaining the ability to showcase their architecture ideas and projects in one place. Users are able to:

  • Create, delete and update projects
  • Explore projects created by other individuals

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Code Labs Academy’s Web Development course is designed for beginners who have no prior experience in the field. Our curriculum provides a complete overview of algorithms, programming languages, and platforms. The students will learn how to code meaningful applications from scratch using first-class technologies, such as HTML/CSS and NodeJS.

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