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Remote / Live
Full-Time: 12 weeks | Part-Time: 24 Weeks

Study with us remotely from anywhere in the world on a course especially designed to accommodate for the learning challenges that remote participants face.

Proudly remote-first, Code Labs Academy boasts a learning environment genuinely designed to work around where you are. With hands-on lectures, design labs, 1:1 hours with instructors, team working with peers built in, you never have to feel like you’re missing out on the experience of your in-person learning.

All subjects are offered in a remote learning environment format.

To experience remote learning to its fullest, you will need a consistent, reliable and high-speed internet connection, and laptop or desktop computer

Code Labs Academy is currently only offering remote courses to Berlin time zone scheduling. As a participant, you are able to join lessons from any remote location where this scheduling works for you.


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