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Web DevelopmentUX/UI

Useful Tools to Build a Landing Page

Discover the most useful tools to build a landing page, from design to deployment. Take your first step at becoming a full-stack developer!

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Data Visualization in Python with Seaborn

Data visualization is becoming an increasingly important tool for making sense of data. It aids in the data storytelling by highlighting relevant information, patterns, and outliers. In this blog article, we'll show you Sea Born, one of the most well-known visualization tools written in Python.

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MLDLCNNWeather PredictionU-Net

Precipitation Nowcasting with Machine Learning

Learn how you can use radar images to predict precipitation, using a model built on top of a fully convolutional network called U-Net.

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Deploy your Machine Learning Model with Python

Learn how to deploy an ML model via a web app using only Python. Creating demos and sharing your work was never so easy!

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What Does a Web Developer Do?

Are you considering a career as a web developer? Read on for the answers to all the questions you may have

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Introduction to NodeJs

A comprehensive article and exercise exploring NodeJs and its ecosystem

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Are cybersecurity bootcamps worth it?

Find out what are Cubersecurity bootcamps, their advantages and job prospects

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Data Science Careers in Healthcare

The possible roles as a data scientist working in healthcare.

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Is It Worth Doing a Bootcamp in Data Science?

Find out what Data Science bootcamps are, their advantages and job prospects

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How to Know if a Career in Data Science is Right for You

The top 8 traits of a good data scientist, that helps you consider whether Data Science would be a good fit for you

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Women in Data Science

An overview of women in Data Science, the hardships they face, and the ressources they have to overcome them.

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CodingResume Tips

Resume Tips for Coding Positions

A break down of what you should include on your coding resume and some myths about resume writing you can ignore.

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