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Online Platform For Event Planning

EventPlanner is all-in-one platform for seamless event management and guest invitations. From elegant corporate galas to intimate gatherings, an intuitive tool to streamline planning, tracking RSVPs, and managing guest lists.

Field: Event-tech

Technologies: ReactJS, TailwindCSS, DaisyUI, Mui, Formik, MongoDB, ExpressJS, Firebase, Multer, Jwt, Sockets, Aws S3

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Solution & Features

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User Authentication

EventPlanner provides a seamless user experience, starting with easy account creation.Djaaffer designed and implemented various actions for smooth authentication, ensuring hassle-free access for users:

  • Signup and login using email and password
  • Account validation via email during signup process
  • Updatable Profile information
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Event Organizer Flow

Every user in the platform has the ability to create events. Once an event is formed, the organizer can invite guests to join and participate.

In this process the following features are possible:

  • Effortlessly create, update, and delete events.
  • Invite guests/participants to events
  • Schedule events through calendar view.
  • Gain valuable insights about events, guests and filter by different fields.
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Guest Flow

After authentication, users gain access to a list of events they are invited to. They can have the following features:

  • Like and share events.
  • Get notified about new invitations in realtime.
  • Accept or Decline invitations

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