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Don't miss out on this golden opportunity to invest in yourself for less. Explore our discounted courses now and unlock your potential today!

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Select your location or circumstances that most closely match your own to find the financing options open to you. You will not be able to stack discounts or mix-and-match financing options.

Upfront Payment - 5%
Woman In Tech - 10%
Simultaneous Study - 25%
Alumni - 30%
Workshop Attendee - 10%
Early Bird - 7%
Super Early Bird - 14%
Study Buddies - 15%

Discount: Upfront Payment (5%)

Budding participants with the means to pay for their course upfront receive a 5% discount. Please declare your interest in this discount during your individualised chat with one of our learning experts.

You can book a discussion by contacting us. Please note that discounts are not stackable or able to be applied alongside other reductions.

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