Cybersecurity Program

This program will enable you to launch your career in cybersecurity. You will study everything from the fundamentals, to the most modern techniques that businesses are looking for.


Beginner Friendly

Full Time (40/week - 12 weeks)

Part Time (20/week - 24 weeks)

Learn anywhere

Remote via online platform

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What will you learn?

Why Choose Us?


A complete and well planned program

Our program is designed to grow your skills from zero knowledge in cybersecurity, to mastering techniques important to land a job in that field. You will begin by learning the most important computer science fundamentals, such as linux/windows basics, networking, programming/scripting. You will then set your environment up for red teaming (offensive cybersecurity), and learn how to exploit services and find vulnerabilities. The blue teaming unit (defensive cybersecurity) will teach you how to avoid and respond to all types of attacks. This program is focused on getting hands-on experience with lots of practical projects and exercises.


Adapted to the real word

Cybersecurity is a fast moving space where we teach you up to date content that will give you an edge in the real world.


Flexible Schedule

We offer both full-time and part-time curricula, so you can learn in the way that best fits your schedule. Our full-time curriculum takes about 40 hours/week, over 12 weeks. Our part-time program requires about 20 hours/week (evenings, and one weekend day), and takes 24 weeks to complete.

Who should apply?


New Graduates

If you’re a college student, or have recently graduated, the skills taught in this program will help you launch a career in cybersecurity.


Career Growth

If you're working in a field that's using more technology, learning cybersecurity is an easy way to make yourself a stronger and more valuable employee. Networking with your fellow bootcamp students and alumni will also be valuable for your career growth.


Career Change

If your current career has nothing to do with cybersecurity, but you are interested in switching to this hot field, then this bootcamp is the right place for you to start!


Hard Workers

No pain, no gain... No matter what your level in programming/cybersecurity is, this bootcamp requires hard work. If you are an ambitious person able to put in long hours into this course, though, the reward will be worth it.

Start your journey

Interactive one-on-one learning on your own schedule



Our remote cybersecurity course includes all the elements of a traditional in-person program. We think of our remote learning option as a virtual campus. With online collaboration tools and optional social events, you’ll get to know your classmates and truly learn together.

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