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Multi Vendor E-commerce Marketplace

Bazar is a one-stop destination for a diverse array of products from trusted sellers. With seamless navigation and curated offerings, find everything you need in one place and engage with passionate sellers.

Field: E-Commerce

Technologies: ReactJS, TailwindCSS, DaisyUI, ContextAPI, Custom Hooks, MongoDB, ExpressJS, Multer, Jwt

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Solution & Features

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User Authentication

Bazar provides a seamless user experience, starting with easy account creation. Maria has expertly designed and implemented various features for smooth authentication, ensuring hassle-free access for users:

  • Signup and login using email and password
  • Account validation via email during signup process
  • Updatable Profile information
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Products Management

At Bazar, users can seamlessly switch between being a seller and a customer, gaining the ability to explore a wide range of products while managing their own store. The platform provides these features:

  • Create, delete and update products from your store
  • Explore products by category
  • Get in touch with seller through their public profile

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