Financing options

View our financing options and partners below. If you are not able to find one to fit your circumstances currently, please contact us explaining your situation. We are updating these options all the time.

Financing options for Upfront Payment

Finance independently, or choose the financing option which best suits you.

Upfront Payment
Monthly Payment Plans
German Education Voucher (Bildungsgutschein)

Upfront Payments

Full tuition for all our bootcamps is €3999, but by paying it upfront, you’ll benefit from a 5% (stackable) upfront payment discount! Check out our discounts page to see if you’re eligible for any other tuition discount.

How it works

Sign your Bootcamp Participant Agreement contract

Pay the deposit no later than 3 days after signing the Bootcamp Participant Agreement

Pay the rest of your tuition no later than the first day of the bootcamp.

Receive access to the pre-work through our Participant Platform.

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