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At Code Labs Academy, we're proud to offer a coding bootcamp experience that sets us apart:

- Industry professionals design our curriculum to ensure our participants are equipped with the latest and most relevant skills.

- Our instructors are experienced professionals passionate about teaching and dedicated to helping our participants succeed.

- We provide personalised support through our Career Service Center to allow our graduates to achieve their career goals.

- Our coding bootcamps have received high participant ratings, with a 9.9/10 Net Promoter Score, 5/5 teacher knowledge, and 5/5 industry relevance ratings.

- We're committed to making education affordable and accessible, which is why we offer flexible schedules and financing options to accommodate your individual needs.

Join us in Brighton And Hove and experience the Code Labs Academy difference!


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Are you looking to make a career change or upskill in the rapidly-evolving world of technology? Code Labs Academy can help you achieve your goals in as little as 12 weeks right from Brighton And Hove.

With our comprehensive programs, you can go from a curious beginner to a certified professional in Cyber Security, Data Science, UX/UI Design, or Web Development. Or if you already have some skills, our bootcamps can boost your career to stay up to date on the latest skills companies seek.

Our courses are designed to provide practical and hands-on training, ensuring you have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in today's competitive job market and build your tech career in Brighton And Hove.

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