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About Techtonica

Techtonica is a nonprofit (fiscally sponsored by Social Good Fund) that provides free tech training, living and childcare stipends, laptops, and job placement and job search support to women and non-binary adults with low incomes in the U.S.

Techtonica's full-time software engineering program is made up of six months of virtual training and six months of placement or job search support. Participants are assigned mentors and work with many experienced volunteers. The training focuses on full-stack web development using JavaScript and consists of hands-on projects built with other participants. The last month of training is customized to prepare participants for placement in jobs with Techtonica partners.

Entry to the Techtonica program is competitive — applicants should be self-motivated, resilient, logical, hardworking, and collaborative, and they should have a growth mindset. Applicants must be a woman or non-binary adult, digitally literate, and earn less than the amount specified in your location and situation on the MIT Living Wage Calculator in annual household income. For more info about the program and how to apply, see

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Full-Time Software Engineering Program

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