Interview Kickstart

Interview Kickstart

Offers Online Learning

CareersData Science, Web Development, iOS Development, Product Management, Android Development, Full Stack Development, Cybersecurity
Funding OptionsUpfront Payments, Month-to-month Installments, Loan Financing
ScheduleOnline, Part-time, Self-paced

About Interview Kickstart

Interview Kickstart is a part-time, 12-15 week online interview training platform that helps software engineers nail technical interviews at FAANG (Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google) and Tier-1 companies. Interview Kickstart helps students strengthen their programming fundamentals and become better engineers in the process, thereby equipping them with the right set of skills required to crack tough technical interviews at top companies.

Based on a student’s career path, they can choose from 18 different domain-specific courses. The course curriculum covers Data Structures and Algorithms, Distributed Systems, Design, Domain-Specific Concepts, and Behavioral Interviews. Students will receive support with optimizing their LinkedIn profile and leveraging LinkedIn to land FAANG interviews.

Interview Kickstart gives students expert support with salary negotiation to land bigger and more lucrative offers, mock interviews with industry experts and FAANG hiring managers, one-on-one mentor sessions with technical leads and hiring managers from FAANG companies, and 18 domain courses that specialize in the highest-paying domains.

The highlight of Interview Kickstart’s program is the technical interview prep. Interview Kickstart’s team of 500+ instructors are hiring managers, technical leads, and hiring committee members at FAANG and Tier-1 companies. Being closely acquainted with the hiring process at top tech companies, these instructors know precisely what recruiters are looking for while hiring candidates. This gives students an edge and sets them up for success in highly competitive and challenging technical interviews at FAANG+ companies.

After course completion, Interview Kickstart students receive an extended 6-month support period. During the support period, students can retake classes, schedule mock interviews with domain experts, have one-on-one sessions with instructors from FAANG companies, get support with optimizing their LinkedIn profile and resume, and land interviews through Interview Kickstart’s wide network of alums.

Since 2014, Interview Kickstart has trained over 15,000 engineers for the toughest tech interviews. Interview Kickstart alums receive multiple lucrative offers from top companies, including FAANG, Microsoft, Uber, Lyft, LinkedIn, Twitter, VMware, and more. In 2021, Interview Kickstart graduates received an average salary increase of 53%.

Course at Interview Kickstart

Data Analyst & Business Analyst Interview Course
Data Science Interview Course
Product Manager (Tech) Interview Course
Data Engineering Interview Course
Security Engineering Interview Course
AWS Cloud Solutions Architect Interview Course
iOS Engineering Interview Course
Engineering Management Interview Course
Early Engineering Interview Course
Site Reliability Engineering Interview Course
Android Engineering Interview Course
Test Engineering Interview Course
Machine Learning Engineering Interview Course
Full Stack Engineering Interview Course
Embedded Systems Engineering Interview Course
Front-end Engineering Interview Course
Back-end Engineering Interview Course
StepUp: Self-paced Interview Course
Technical Program Management Interview Course

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