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Code Stack Academy

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CareersWeb Development
Funding OptionsUpfront Payments, Loan Financing
LocationsSan Francisco

About Code Stack Academy

Code Stack Academy is Stockton’s first immersive and accelerated code school offered by the San Joaquin County Office of Education. As a non-profit, Code Stack offers a 12-month coding school in San Joaquin, California, covering topics like HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, React, Unity 3d, C#, Android and iOS Mobile development and more. Our objective is to foster a flourishing community of skilled software engineers in the area, ready to meet the demand of employers and ultimately change the landscape for technology in Stockton and the greater San Joaquin County. During the last three months of the course, Code Stack Academy provides students with career development instruction and guidance that help them present themselves digitally as well as how to present themselves in person. This includes and apprenticeship phase where our students work on live, nationwide projects within the CodeStack Software Engineering department working on professional teams in a production environment. Recently CodeStack Academy has developed a virtual night school allowing students to learn in the evenings while maintaining the same level of hands-on instruction and development class hours.

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