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CareersFull-stack Web Developer, Software Engineer
Funding OptionsUpfront Payments, Month-to-month Installments, ISA

About is a software engineering academy in Barcelona. We offer a 12-week, full-time program both online and in-person. Our CTO and founder is Arol Viñolas, an expert with 18 years of experience. He’s a former Engineering Manager at Typeform and previous co-founder and CTO of another major European coding bootcamp. Our main focus is maintaining a high quality of learning and student experiences: We teach strong fundamentals of engineering instead of scratching the surface of web development, we also teach the latest technologies; We focus on individual mentorship and have smaller classes of max 5 students for 1 senior engineering mentor - we understand that each person’s learning path and goals are different; We teach soft-skills - as for many professionals, it is what sets them apart; We constantly train engineering teams in tech companies, and bring back all the best practices and latest standards from their companies to our syllabus and our students; We also follow a holistic approach - giving a lot of importance to mental health and making sure our students don’t burn out. We’ve been around for a bit over 2 years and we are seeing great results from our students - landing junior, mid, senior, and tech lead positions at great tech companies!

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