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Kursnet is an online platform of the Federal Employment Agency. It serves as a comprehensive database and information hub for vocational education, training and job-related courses in Germany.

Kursnet offers a wide range of information on:

  • Training and education: Kursnet lists a wide range of vocational training, courses, seminars and educational opportunities in various fields and sectors. Kursnet lists further education courses that can be subsidized up to 100% with an education voucher - such as the coding bootcamps at the Code Labs Academy.

  • Qualification opportunities: Users can search for qualifications, certifications and degrees offered by recognized institutions, including details on content, duration and admission criteria.

  • Job-related courses: The platform provides information on courses that relate directly to specific professions or industries and are often geared towards the requirements of the labor market.

  • Provider information: Details of institutions, training centers and education providers offering these courses or programs are available on Kursnet.

Job seekers, people who want to improve their skills or people who want to further their education can use Kursnet to find out about available courses, training opportunities and qualifications that match their career goals.

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