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Meet the creative and hard working team behind Code Labs Academy.


Having earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Leadership in California, USA and a Master’s degree in Work, Organizational, and Personnel Psychology in Spain and Italy, Rowan has published international research ranging from 21st century virtual teaching methods to the power of mindfulness and leadership in increasing innovation. As Code Lab Academy’s People Operations Manager, she works on all People-related projects (from full cycle recruitment to corporate training), as well as the launch of CLA’s Career Services Center.

Rowan Mulligan

General Manager & People Operations Manager

Rebecca earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Ecotoxicology in Germany. While working internationally in the field of Environmental Science in both Research and Teaching, she gained various experience in Administration, Operations and Communication. Now, as CLA’s Project and Operations Coordinator, Rebecca is streamlining different projects and operation processes to support CLA learners and employees.

Rebecca Danieli

Project & Operations Coordinator

With a degree in computer science engineering, Omar started his career as a virtual reality developer. He then switched career paths to follow his passion in web development and teaching based on his own professional experiences. As Code Labs Academy’s Full-stack Web Developer and Bootcamp Instructor, Omar works on making everyone’s work processes easier and provides the practical knowledge that the bootcamp students will need to start and succeed in their chosen career paths.

Omar Mokhfi

Full-Stack Developer & Bootcamp Instructor

Fatimah is a graduate of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree program in Work, Organisational, and Personnel Psychology. Her journey has been enriched by hands-on experience in human resource departments across national and international companies, honing her understanding of organisational intricacies. As CLA’s People Operations Assistant, she is thrilled to infuse innovative and creative ideas into the inner and outer workings of the company.

Fatimah Anwar Ali

People Operations Assistant

With her Biomedical Engineer degree, Joud has applied her skillset to various industries and roles, from project and product management, to B2B sales, to startup collaborations. She has handled large-scale projects and managed client interactions. Her voracious desire for creativity is matched by an extraordinary capacity to quickly learn new tools. As CLA’s Operations Assistant, Joud is excited to optimise the company’s processes and support its overall growth.

Joud Alawamleh

Operations Assistant

Bernarda earned a Bachelors in Business Administration in Industrial & Organizational Psychology back in her home state of New York before going on to earn a Master’s degree in Work, Organizational, and Personnel Psychology through an European Erasmus program. She’s been a part of research on organizational leadership and also on team processes. As Code Labs Academy’s Career Services Center Specialist, she uses evidence-based career management practices to help prepare our bootcamp students and graduates to jumpstart their careers.

Bernarda DeOliveira

Career Services Center Specialist

With a degree in Contemporary Music and Live Performance at the University of Bedfordshire, Roberto’s Business Development journey began in Austria in 2018. He has been able to work side-by-side with giants such as Google, Shopify, Klaviyo and Meta. As CLA’s Business Development Specialist, he is eager to expand the CLA Community in order to make tech education more accessible to a wider audience.

Roberto Pinto

Business Development Specialist

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