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At Code Labs Academy, we're proud to offer a coding bootcamp experience that sets us apart:

- Industry professionals design our curriculum to ensure our participants are equipped with the latest and most relevant skills.

- Our instructors are experienced professionals passionate about teaching and dedicated to helping our participants succeed.

- We provide personalised support through our Career Service Center to allow our graduates to achieve their career goals.

- Our coding bootcamps have received high participant ratings, with a 9.9/10 Net Promoter Score, 5/5 teacher knowledge, and 5/5 industry relevance ratings.

- We're committed to making education affordable and accessible, which is why we offer flexible schedules and financing options to accommodate your individual needs.

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Are you looking to make a career change or upskill in the rapidly-evolving world of technology? Code Labs Academy can help you achieve your goals in as little as 12 weeks right from Oldenburg.

With our comprehensive programs, you can go from a curious beginner to a certified professional in Cyber Security, Data Science & AI, UX/UI Design, or Web Development. Or if you already have some skills, our bootcamps can boost your career to stay up to date on the latest skills companies seek.

Our courses are designed to provide practical and hands-on training, ensuring you have the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in today's competitive job market and build your tech career in Oldenburg.

Upcoming Bootcamps

We offer flexible bootcamps for beginners in four fields of tech, including Web Development, data science, UX/UI design, and Cybersecurity. Choose between Full-Time or Part-Time, fully online or hybrid formats. Join us and start your journey to a rewarding tech career in Oldenburg.

Tuition and funding

Code Labs Academy believes that education should be available to all and high-quality learning opportunities should be accessible to everyone. To that end, we offer a range of financing options and partnerships, which you can view below.

If none of these options fit your current circumstances, please contact us and explain your situation. We're constantly updating our choices, and we're committed to helping you find a way to access the education you deserve.

Meet our instructors, learn what they are passionate about and experience the style of education we practise here at Code Labs Academy through our in-person and online events.

Boost your career with our Career Services Center

Code Labs Academy's Career Service Center is a valuable resource for all our coding bootcamp graduates. Our Career Service team provides personalised support and guidance to help you achieve your career in Oldenburg.

  • Resume and Cover Letter Reviews
  • Personal Career Goal Development
  • Job Search Strategy Development
  • Mock Interview Coaching
  • Professional Networking Opportunities

We aim to ensure you have the skills and tools to succeed in your job search and beyond. Let us help you build your career in tech!

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Career Services

Dedicated and focussed on you. We help you to understand, leverage and showcase your powerful new skills through resume reviews, interview practice and industry discussions.

Code Labs Academy is proud to have high participant satisfaction ratings. Our participants consistently provide positive feedback, reflecting their exceptional learning experiences with our programs. We strive to maintain the highest education, support, and community standards. We are thrilled that our participants feel the same way 💜


Without a tech background, after just a few months I am now able not only to understand complex machine or deep learning models, but also to design them myself. If you are looking for a career change in the tech industry, motivated and have some time, you have come to the right place!


One of the best ways to learn Data Science and Machine Learning, excellent teachers who always help you understand and give you more ideas and examples. If you want to know more about ML, CLA is the best place.


The teachers and mentors are wonderful, at least the one I had. Moe taught me more than all my teachers in my whole life. He makes things clear and always encourages you to keep going despite all the challenges.


After completing my master's degree in data analytics, I endeavoured to further my knowledge in the field with the goal of pursuing a career in either data science or analysis. However, I encountered difficulties finding answers to my questions, so I looked for a face-to-face online course and found Code Labs Academy, which stood out from other pri ...


It’s an online boot camp with asynchronous courses that can match any student all over the world. I appreciate the fact that it comes with a certificate at the end upon successful completion. To sum up, this bootcamp is all in one, you learn and master data science and get ready for a successful career!


The cyber security bootcamp I attended in 2022 taught me the foundational understanding and skills required for me to pivot to a career in IT. My instructor was knowledgeable, patient and always willing to help. Before the end of my course I received an employment offer. I now work in the field of cybersecurity and compliance! The course was inst ...


The Code Labs Academy web development course was very impressive, it was one of the best experiences I have had in my life. I highly recommend attending this bootcamp where you not only learn web development, but also get career advice and be ready to get a job.


I'm always looking for new opportunities to learn the latest technologies in Data Science, and the quality of Code Labs Academy's content exceeded my expectations. If you're passionate about technology and willing to put in the effort, this bootcamp will open doors for you, from self-development to a prestigious career!

Bahaa Eddine

The teachers are great, tolerant, motivated and cheerful. The learning process is smooth and fun, you have the space to ask your questions and also participate. But the most important thing is that they prepare you for the practical world by realising and presenting projects, which was the best and most interesting part of the bootcamp.


The balance between theory and practice is perfect, you get a chance to apply what you learn in homework and real projects that are reviewed by the TAs. I recommend this bootcamp to anyone who wants to start their career in Data Science.


As a part of the web development bootcamp, I must say that It went beyond my expectations. The bootcamp is indeed interactive, fun, and informative. I learned a lot of things thanks to my mentors and to everyone working behind the scenes. I would highly recommend it

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We know that choosing an educator can be a daunting task. That’s why we put every one of our potential participants in touch with a human as soon as possible, and you’ll be with them until you start your course.


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Book your meeting with one of our learning specialists to confirm that we’re the right fit for you and iron out any questions or concerns you might have. Here we can also talk about financing options, special offers and any accommodations you may need.


Onboarding and Pre-work

Once you’ve signed up, we’ll put you in touch with your course instructors and cohort mates. We will also set some pre-course study to make sure you can hit the ground running with us from day 1.

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