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Machine Learning for Precipitation Nowcasting

Familiarity with Machine Learning
Under 30 minutes!

Are you curious to know how you can forecast the weather using machine learning? Then come to our free workshop! We will show you how you can use radar images to predict precipitation. We will be using a model built on top of a fully convolutional network called UNet. More precisely, we will be using a modified version of UNet that is specialized in predicting precipitation.

Kapcsolódó Bootcamp

Data Science Program

Teljes munkaidő: 12 hét | Részmunkaidő: 24 hét

Gain the skills you need to make sense of the wealth of data available in our world. Manipulate data using Python and SQL; code your ML algorithms on vision, natural language tasks, and much more!

Korlátlan hozzáférést kaphat több műhelyanyaghoz.

Kvízek, kihívások és még sok más! Gyakorolj tanulás közben.

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