In-Person in Berlin

Berlin (Currently Remote)
Full-Time: 12 weeks | Part-Time: 24 Weeks

Our first in-person campus boasts high speed internet connection, community atmosphere and dedicated study space for our participants.

After the success of our fully remote campus hosting and teaching participants from around the world wherever they were, Code Labs Academy needed to find a city to settle in and call our home. Berlin proved itself to be that city, and we’ve been here ever since.

Wherever you stand on the work-from-home debate, and whatever your preference for online or in-person study, you will be catered for on our first brick-and-mortar campus. Open for use by participants and instructors across subject disciplines, our campus is the place for exclusive events, hands-on troubleshooting with your instructors and that all important breath of fresh air in a space dedicated to your learning.


dedicated study spaces available


in-person events a month


subjects currently offering in-person teaching


extra cost to our participants

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