Berlin new campus

Why Berlin?

Berlin startup hub

Startup hub

More than 30% of all German start-ups and more than 50% of all VC investment meet in Berlin. It has established as the new Hub in Euope generating a great pool of both funding and job opportunities alike.

Berlin Campus Investment in Talent

Financing & Incentives

Public and private sectors are allowing Berlin to become a melting pot for human capital: huge unemployment benefits (Bildungsgutschein), grants, and other financing options for living and studying.

Berlin Campus Career Diversity

Quality of Life & Diversity

Although a plus, you don’t need to speak German to experience 'Multikulti' Berlin, with street festivals, ethnic restaurants, never-ending cultural activities, and surrounding nature, there is something here for everyone.

Upcoming sessions

Financing Options


Simple recurring payments in easy instalments up to the duration of the course.


Finance as much or as little as you need in up to 36 instalments.


Pay in up to 36 monthly and interest-free instalments. (For UK based students)

Why Choose Us


An always up-to-date curriculum

We are constantly working on improving and updating our courses to be up to speed with the latest technologies and methodologies used in the industry.


Career Coaching Included

Build a strong portfolio, develop an attractive resume, bulletproof your LinkedIn tactics, perfect your interview and salary negotition skills and build a strong network.


Flexible Hybrid Learning

this means you decide everyday whether to come to campus and work from here meeting some of your classmates or to stay home and follow along in your pijamas. You do not live in Berlin? No problem you do not need to relocate to be able to take part, our hybrid environment ensures the only thing you will miss is the commute.

Frequently Asked Questions

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