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Le Wagon

Le Wagon

Offers Online Learning


Le Wagon is a global leader in immersive tech training for individuals seeking to change careers or acquire specific skills, and for companies wishing to offer their employees high-performance technology training through its Le Wagon For Business offer.

Its immersive learning programs are designed to be used by each learner on a daily basis. Whether in a full-time or part-time format, online, or on-campus, Le Wagon’s training has already helped more than 18,000 students - from all walks of life, accelerate their careers, transition into tech, or launch their startups. Among its alumni, many entrepreneurs have created more than 200 tech startups and raised more than $850M globally.

Founded in Paris in 2013 with the realization that companies increasingly need experts who know how to use new digital tools, leverage the data they generate or design and code their own technological solutions. Today, Le Wagon is present in over 40 cities and 25 countries.

With a recognized teaching method and a student-centric approach, Le Wagon is the world's most acclaimed tech bootcamp, according to student reviews on Switchup and Coursereport, and has partnered with higher education institutions such as HEC Paris, IAE Business School in Argentina or King's College London.

Le Wagon for Business also helps enterprises, such as IKEA, Total, LVMH or Société Générale, solve their tech talent gap by training and building in-house tech and data teams.

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