What is the Qualifizierungschancengesetz?


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The Qualifizierungschancengesetz (QCG), also known as the Qualification Opportunities Act, is a German law introduced to enhance opportunities for professional training and qualification of the workforce. Enacted in 2019, this legislation aims to support employees and job seekers in adapting to changing labor market demands by providing access to further education and training.

Key aspects of the Qualifizierungschancengesetz include:

  • Individual Support: The law offers individualized support, including funding for training and qualifications tailored to an individual's needs, career aspirations, and the demands of the labor market.

  • Employer Participation: It encourages and facilitates employer engagement in offering training opportunities to their employees - such as Code Labs Academy’s tech courses for employees who have a need/will to upskill in tech, thereby promoting ongoing skill development within companies.

  • Transition Assistance: It assists individuals facing job loss or redundancy by providing access to training and qualifications that enhance their employability in other sectors or roles.

  • Expansion of Support: The legislation broadens the scope of support beyond traditional unemployment benefits, aiming to provide more comprehensive assistance to individuals seeking to upgrade their skills.

What is the qualification allowance?

The qualification allowance is a benefit in Germany that was introduced as part of the Qualifizierungschancengesetz. It is aimed at employees who lose part or all of their income during further training. Essentially, the qualification allowance aims to offer financial compensation for employees who have to forego part of their income during further vocational training. It is intended to encourage and support them to develop professionally through further training without having to worry about losing income.

The entitlement to a qualification allowance exists under certain conditions, such as:

  • The further training must be recognized as eligible for funding by the employer or an employment agency - This is the case for all of Code Labs Academy’s bootcamps.
  • The employee accepts a loss in wages during further training.

It is therefore a form of financial support intended to enable workers to continue their training and improve their professional qualifications without suffering a disproportionate loss of income.

What are the Qualification Measures?

There are a variety of qualification measures aimed at improving the skills, knowledge, and competencies of people in various areas. Some common qualification measures include:

  • Professional development courses: These include courses, seminars, or workshops that teach specific skills in a particular professional area, such as IT skills, language courses, management techniques, or technical training.

  • Retraining: Retraining offers the opportunity to switch to a new professional field. They are often intended for people who can no longer or do not want to pursue their previous job for various reasons.

  • Further training: These measures are aimed at people who are already working in a professional field and want to further develop their skills, specialist knowledge, or qualifications. This can be done, for example, through certifications, specialized courses, or subject-specific training.

  • Internships and trainee programs: These provide practical experience and an introduction to specific industries or professions, often for people who have just completed their training or are looking to start their career in a new field.

  • On-the-job training: This includes on-the-job training and learning opportunities to acquire new skills or improve existing skills.

  • Academic courses: This includes university or college education in various subject areas, which can range from basic degrees to specialized master's courses.

These qualification measures can be offered by public institutions such as employment agencies or job centers, as well as by private educational institutions such as Code Labs Academy as part of its corporate training program, or for individuals.

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