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UX/UI Design Career Chat in Berlin

Mon May 08 2023

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Press Release: April 28th, 2023

Just over a week ago, Code Labs Academy hosted what will be the first of many CLA Career Chat Events in Berlin, Germany (Check out our upcoming events here!). The networking event took place on Friday evening, where we welcomed ~30 guests eager to learn from our two UX/UI guest speakers, Julianna Dmytryshyna and Sreeja Revur.

The event started off with each speaker introducing themselves and their career journeys up to today. Audience members had the opportunity to ask each of them questions about their professional experiences and also career advice for their own situations. The event ended on a high note, where everyone was invited to stick around for beers and networking (it was a Friday night in Berlin after all!).

UX/UI design networking events are a great way for professionals and those seeking to enter the field to connect, share ideas, and discuss professional challenges those in the field face. At Code Labs Academy, we’re on a mission to reduce the barriers to entry into tech careers, which is why we were so excited to host this free event where attendees were able to gain industry knowledge, participate in engaging discussions, and connect with others in their field.

Who attended?

Our two guest speakers, Julianna Dmytryshyna and Sreeja Revur, both professionals in the UX/UI Design industry, shared their professional experiences and advice with CLA’s hosts and attendees. Audience members ranged from those who were considering a career switch to UX/UI design, to those who are already in the early stages of their UX/UI design career.

A little bit about our Guest Speakers: Julianna is a creative expert in User Experience, Visual Design, and Digital Illustration with seven years of experience. With an academic background in Philosophy and Communications-Design, she has worked for different companies and start-ups in Germany, creating and improving user experience and visual identity.

Sreeja Revur currently works as a Product Designer at Delivery Hero in Berlin. After moving from India to Germany in 2020, she switched careers from architecture to innovation design management. She combines her passions for design and psychology to create technology and experiences that maximise human potential.

Why are networking events worth attending?

One of the main benefits of attending a UX/UI design networking event is the opportunity to learn from others in the field. You can gain insights into how other designers approach their work, their tools and techniques, and how they solve common design challenges.

In addition to learning from others, networking events are a great way to build your professional network. You never know who you might meet at an event – you could make a valuable connection leading to a new job or project opportunity.

What was discussed?

The audience members asked lots of great questions to our guest speakers. Some were more general questions that could apply to any UX/UI design career starter, while others were a bit more personal to their own situation.

Some of our favourite questions asked included:

  • While you transitioned from being an architecture professional to entering UX/UI design, did you face any doubts like “why should I do this?” When did you decide on UX/UI design and not architecture?
  • How do you find real projects as a beginner?
  • How often does this happen [unpaid internship offers], and what should we do?
  • How many projects, on average, would you say a beginner should have in their portfolio?
  • What is your process for when you have a client, and how do you start a project with them?
  • Do you often encounter clients that are stuck on the solutions they have in their minds?
  • I’m switching professions, and it feels like I’m starting from zero when I actually have a lot of past experience. Can you talk more about your journey switching from design to UX/UI design?

If any of these questions are ones you’ve also thought about before, you can check out the live recording of the event here on Youtube.

Start Building Your Career in UX/UI Design

If you’re considering starting a new career in UX/UI design or need to boost your skills to advance in the field, consider applying for our UX/UI design bootcamp.

We offer full-time and part-time courses that fit your schedule needs and have lots of financing options available so anyone is able to apply. If you want to learn more about our bootcamps, get in touch with one of our advisors, who will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

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