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How Difficult Is It to Get a Bildungsgutschein?

How Difficult Is It to Get a Bildungsgutschein? cover image

Education vouchers are a valuable tool that employers and job seekers in Germany can use to improve their professional abilities and increase their chances of finding work. These vouchers, which are issued by job centers or employment agencies, can pay for certified training programs in full. Nevertheless, it can be difficult to navigate the education voucher application process. Everything you need to know about education vouchers is included in this thorough guide, from applying to making efficient use of them.

What is a Federal Employment Agency Education Voucher?

A formal assurance from the sponsoring organization that it will pay for all expenses related to your additional education or retraining is known as an education voucher. This makes it possible for those who are jobless as well as those who are employed to obtain subsidized education. Every voucher is unique, with information on the intended training, the maximum amount of funds, the three-month validity period, and the area in which it is valid specified.

Who Can Apply for an Education Voucher?

Eligibility for receiving an education voucher depends on several factors. Unemployed individuals or those at risk of unemployment can apply, provided that the training is necessary for professional integration or to secure their current job. However, there is no fundamental legal entitlement to a voucher—the decision remains up to the responsible agency's judgment.

Requirements and Determination of Eligibility

The hiring company evaluates each candidate on an individual basis to see if more training will truly increase employment opportunities. This evaluation takes the applicant's individual circumstances and market demand into account. In order to ascertain whether the training is appropriate and necessary, a personal consultation is required.

What Costs are Covered?

An education voucher covers all related costs of the training, including:

  • Course and seminar fees, including expenses for learning materials and exam fees,

  • Travel and accommodation costs,

  • Childcare costs during training,

  • Contributions to health, pension, care, and accident insurance.

  • The specific costs covered and the amount of funding will be clarified during a personal consultation at your local employment agency or job center.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying for an Education Voucher

  1. Contact the Employment Agency: Register online or in person at your local employment agency or job center.
  1. Counseling Session: During this session, your vocational training plans will be discussed in detail, and your eligibility for an education voucher will be assessed. Prepare thoroughly to articulate your professional goals and the necessity of the training.
  1. Select a Suitable Training Program: After receiving the voucher, choose a certified training program that aligns with your professional goals. It is important that the program is AZAV- certified.

Challenges and Practical Tips

Even if education vouchers are theoretically available, there are frequent obstacles and difficulties in real life. Approval may, on the one hand, be contingent upon the employment agency's financial circumstances; during lean budget periods, fewer vouchers are granted. However, bureaucracy is frequently a barrier: candidates may find it burdensome to obtain the appropriate courses and to fulfill all requirements exactly. Furthermore, there is ambiguity because different regions have different allocation patterns.


Vouchers for education are an excellent resource for fostering professional growth. Even though the process of getting a voucher can be difficult, it is still worth the effort because of the extensive support it provides. Make the most of your chance to broaden your professional horizons by taking advantage of training that is sponsored.


All the bootcamps at Code Labs Academy are AZAV- certified and therefore even more accessible with the use of an education voucher! If you want to receive more information about this funding option and our bootcamps, don’t hesitate to contact us - our admissions team will answer all your questions and help you with the application for the education voucher. Don't miss this opportunity to invest in yourself and transform your professional journey.

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