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Here at Code Labs Academy (CLA), one of our core values is that education is for everyone. We uphold this philosophy in many ways, but one of these is by providing as many financing options as possible to suit the needs of as many aspiring students who might be interested in our courses as we can.

One such offering we have across our courses (Web Development, Cyber Security, Data Science and UI/UX Design bootcamps and specialist bootcamps) that especially supports students based in the UK is provided by a company called Knoma.

Knoma gives our students a no interest loan that they are able to pay back in instalments that suit them up to the duration of 12 months. Currently, this means that you can get yourself into a Code Labs Academy bootcamp (part-time or full time) and be well on your way to changing your career for approximately £434.58 a month.

Is anyone eligible for this funding?

At the moment, this funding option is only available to UK based potential students who are 18+ years of age and have a UK bank account

That said, there is the option for sponsorship, where a partner or family member with the above status sets up payments on your behalf. If this option sounds like something that would benefit you where the above eligibility criteria fails to apply, please contact Code Labs Academy directly to explain your circumstances and support you through your funding application.

You can get in touch with Code Labs Academy via: hello@codelabsacademy.com

How does CLA know that I’m financing my course with Knoma?

Code Labs Academy has an applicant dashboard available to us which directly informs us about potential student’s funding applications and stage they are on. We know as soon as you are accepted and when Knoma is running their internal suitability checks.

Once a student is accepted onto the payment scheme, we will give them full access to learning platforms, course materials, pre-work, and community forums as if the course had been paid in full upfront.

I’ve heard that Knoma checks my credit score. Will that affect my credit?

When you apply for funding for your course with Knoma, you undergo a soft credit check. This does not impact your credit history. Your application and loan are added to your credit report once Knoma has funded your loan.

If you have any other doubts about your funding application with Knoma, they provide exceptional customer support. You can contact their team for more information, and any financial concerns around their funding that you may have on: support@knoma.io

How do I get financed by Knoma?

Knoma runs their own credit checks for each applicant that applies for funding with them. You will need to pass these credit checks and their eligibility criteria in order to access their funding.

You can apply for funding to any of our eligible courses via Knoma using the following links:

Not eligible for this funding or looking for more information?

If you have any questions around the Code Labs Academy courses or other options for funding, please do not hesitate to contact us on hello@codelabsacademy.com. We’ll be happy to help you find an option that works for you.

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