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What exactly is an education voucher?

The Bildungsgutschein is a voucher system in Germany designed to support individuals in their professional development by covering the costs of specific training or educational programs. Issued by the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) or job centers, it provides financial assistance for approved courses or training that aim to improve a person's job-related skills or help them re-enter the job market. The voucher contains details about the educational objectives, duration, validity period, and where it can be utilized. It's available for unemployed individuals, job seekers, or those already employed who seek further training, and it assists in financing expenses like course fees, childcare, or transportation related to the approved educational program.

Individuals who are unemployed, seeking employment, or currently employed are eligible to receive an education voucher. This voucher ensures that the employment agency or job center will assist in covering specific expenses for your ongoing professional development. Covered expenses might include tuition fees, childcare, and transportation fees, among others.

What are the requirements to obtain a Bildungsgutschein?

To obtain a Bildungsgutschein in Germany, several criteria typically need to be met:

  • Eligibility Status: You must be registered as unemployed, seeking employment, or already employed but in need of further training to either secure a job or advance in your career.

  • Assessment: The employment agency or job center will evaluate your situation to determine if further education or training is necessary to improve your job prospects.

  • Consultation: You'll likely need to attend consultations or discussions with a career advisor to discuss your goals, the type of training needed, and its relevance to your career aspirations.

  • Approval of Educational Institution: The chosen educational institution or course provider must be accredited and approved by the employment agency or job center - Code Labs Academy is an approved institution. The course you intend to pursue should align with the agency's guidelines and objectives.

  • Fulfillment of Requirements: You might need to demonstrate that you meet certain prerequisites for the selected course or training, such as educational qualifications or relevant work experience.

  • Commitment: There might be an expectation that you commit to completing the approved training or course to benefit from the Bildungsgutschein.

Meeting these requirements and having a clear plan for how the training will contribute to your employability or career advancement is crucial in the process of obtaining a Bildungsgutschein.

How difficult is it to get an education voucher?

The difficulty in obtaining an education voucher can vary based on individual circumstances and the specific requirements set by the employment agency or job center. Here are some factors that might influence the process:

  • Eligibility Criteria: Meeting the eligibility criteria is essential. If you fall within the categories of unemployed, seeking employment, or employed but in need of further training, you have a basis for application.

  • Relevance of Training: Demonstrating the relevance of the training or education to your career goals or job prospects is crucial. The training should align with the agency's objectives in enhancing employability.

  • Available Funding: The availability of funds allocated for these vouchers might impact their accessibility. Limited budgets could lead to stricter criteria or more competition among applicants.

  • Course Approval: Ensuring that the chosen course or educational institution is approved by the employment agency or job center is necessary. All of Code Labs Academy’s part-time and full-time bootcamps are certified.

  • Documentation and Compliance: Providing all necessary documentation, meeting requirements, and complying with the agency's procedures are essential steps. Any discrepancies or incomplete information could delay or affect the application process.

  • Consultation and Planning: Engaging in consultations with career advisors or counselors and having a well-thought-out plan regarding how the education or training will benefit your career can enhance your chances.

Overall, while the process might involve meeting certain criteria and requirements, it's designed to support individuals in their professional development. Persistence, clarity in your objectives, and aligning your education goals with the agency's objectives can improve your chances of obtaining an education voucher.

How do I apply for an education voucher?

You will receive an education voucher from the relevant issuer, such as the employment agency or job center. To apply for the voucher, a personal discussion is required to confirm if you fulfill the essential criteria, among other things.

How do I redeem an education voucher?

Upon obtaining an education voucher, you're able to utilize it at an accredited continuing education provider of your preference, such as Code Labs Academy. The condition for this is that the educational institution you've chosen holds authorization and is in compliance with the current legal regulations of SGB III. Code Labs Academy fulfills this requirement: all our courses are certified. You have a diverse array of topics to select from—ranging from Cybersecurity and Data Science/Artificial Intelligence to UX/UI-Design and Web Development—all offered live online, accessible from anywhere, and available on a part-time or full-time basis.

What does an education voucher look like?

The education voucher contains the following details:

  • Defined educational objective (e.g., the type of further training you seek)

  • Timeframe for completion (the duration the program may or should take)

  • Geographical area where the voucher can be utilized

  • Expiry date (up to three months from the date of issuance)

How long is an education voucher valid for?

The education voucher needs to be utilized within a three-month period, or else it will expire and become invalid.

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