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5 Reasons Why UX/UI Design Skills are in Demand Right Now

Fri Apr 14 2023

5 Reasons Why UX/UI Design Skills are in Demand Right Now cover image

So you’ve heard that UX/UI Design is a highly employable skill that is in demand at the moment, and you’re interested in learning more about it? Great! This article outlines 5 reasons why employers are so keen to hire UX/UI designers right now.

1. Good UX/UI design saves businesses money

Think of your company website as a traditional storefront, and the subsequent pages like departments, or aisles of that store. When you go into large retailers, you often get the sense that you know where you need to go for what you are looking for. You know that cold food is going to be in the frozen section, items that are considered a luxury by the seller are going to be far from the exit, and checkouts are likely going to be right next to it.

Why do you think high street retailers do this?

Having an intuitive store layout allows customers to more effectively self-serve. It means that employees of the store can spend less time answering questions and directing customers, investing more time in completing tasks that only they can do.

UX/UI Design is the speciality of doing this in the online space.

Good UX/UI design means reduced user problems, which reduces customer contact time and frequency before product purchase and reduced hassle for the customer. This means that less income needs to be spent on problem resolution, compensation or general customer support leading to higher overall profits.

This directly leads to higher company confidence and a greater visitor-to-customer conversion rate.

2. Hiring a UX/UI designer increases the conversion rate of curious visitors from around the world into paying customers

UX/UI designers curate high-quality online experiences. This means they will be fast, interactive, easily understood and satisfying to use while conveying your brand image and selling your products or solutions.

Satisfied customers are loyal customers, who in turn, promote your services to others.

If your user experience is dissatisfying, the increased foot traffic that your sales team is generating may even damage your brand. Not only will a dissatisfied visitor leave your site without purchase to give their business to a competitor, but they will likely discourage others who may otherwise have not been deterred.

In competitive markets, businesses know that user experience is a huge determining factor between two competing products of similar price and use.

3. Companies that do not invest in their UX/UI design suffer significant losses in the digital marketplace

Everyone knows that the use of technology has grown exponentially in the last few years. All of your customers will be online somewhere. Not only has technology grown more accessible, but as our understanding of it has continued to grow, our expectations of what it should be able to do for us have increased alongside it.

Users of online products and or browsing online storefronts of real word services, therefore, are no different. A quality experience is paramount to conveying the existence of a quality product. Users and customers alike have grown to expect it as a standard offering.

This, combined with an increasingly data-driven world, gives organisations not only the motivation to make their online service experience the best it can be, but also the means. All they need now to capitalise on this opportunity is the method. Enter: UX/UI design.

4. UX/UI design boosts brand awareness

A brand is more than simply what you sell. A brand is embedded in a company message, what they look like, how they talk about itself, what others say about them, the quality of its goods and the price tag they’re able to charge. It all adds up to influence who uses their goods or services, and how many opt-in.

Investment into well-done UX/UI design not only emphasises your message but also attracts and retains your target audience encouraging repeat customer purchases. This saves money and time in the long run, as fewer needs to be invested in:

  • Generating new leads
  • Filtering our weak or uninterested buyers
  • Explaining your product

5. Good UX/UI design increases productivity

In summary, a good user experience and user interface boost productivity in all areas. UX/UI designers help convey a business brand, product, price point and quality through their design.

They attract the right attention from the right people and keep them interested.

What company wouldn’t be on the lookout for these skills?

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