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4 Stress Managment Tips for Learning to Code with a Remote Bootcamp

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Code Labs Academy’s part-time courses are specially designed for studying alongside work, for those looking to up-skill in their current position, or for preparing to switch careers into tech. To accommodate for the high possibility of our students spinning many plates at once, we’ve hired the best instructors and adopted the most flexible schedule that bootcamp style learning allows to ensure our students have exactly what they need when they need it.

1. Be Physically Active

Making sure you keep up your schedule of activity is important for maintaining your well-being and crucial to the healthy upkeep of a busy schedule. For students who are both working and studying from home especially, make sure you take that walk to the shops for lunch, have a quick session in the gym in the evening, or even take as small of a moment as is needed to stretch at your desk between meetings.

This will improve concentration and focus long term, but you should also start seeing improvements in mood straight away.

2. Connect with People

At Code Labs Academy, we know that community is important to support our employees as much as it supports our student’s learning while they are on their course. This is especially important when it comes to working remotely as it can sometimes be difficult to otherwise organically find time in your day.

Within your course, you will have lots of opportunities for hands-on group work and we encourage students to get in touch with each other outside of classes to go through the content and set activities together.

That said, finding time to connect with people outside of your course is also an important part of managing your stress - especially on the occasion when the course or bootcamp you are on may be its source.

We encourage you to speak to your friends and family about any work or course pressures you may be facing, as well as our in-house teachers or - if finding a job and utilising your newfound skills is the burden - reach out to our careers centre.

If you’re not sure how or who to contact for our careers centre offering, please contact or reach out to one of your instructors who will be happy to point you in the right direction.

3. Help Other People

If you see other people struggling to keep up with the course work in your class, or they ask a question in our student forum that you know the answer to, try reaching out to them and solving the problem together. This not only will improve your own understanding of the course material but collaborating with your peers will improve your sense of community and therefore well-being which has shown to be a great resource for reducing stress.

4. Prioritise and Make a Plan

At Code Labs Academy we use lots of planning tools to make sure our projects run smoothly. Having these timelines makes sure we know we are on course for success and helps us identify when we might need more resources or support from the wider team.

As a student studying with us, your course is not too different!

Instructors will have a plan for your upcoming lessons and homework tasks or further reading that needs to be completed for successful graduation from the course. They also understand that sometimes life can get unexpectedly (or otherwise) in the way of your study. If, at any time, you feel that unexpected circumstances are interfering with your ability to keep up with your course work, or a planned holiday may mean you are not able to attend a class, please let your instructor know.

The instructor can then:

  • Suggest further reading and activities that are essential to complete before your next class, and advise as to which may be optional.
  • Adapt activities so they are more accommodating to time away from the classroom. For example, instead of 1:1 guided coding sessions, they may decide to give you wider reading.
  • Catch you up on anything you have missed once you are back in a 1:1 session without hindering the learning process of the rest of the class.
  • Change lesson plans and timings of group activities to reflect the number of students they can expect in their class.

This particular step is helpful for everyone as it will not only improve your experience and well-being but also of your fellow students and those around you!

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