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The Best Tech Communities in Berlin in 2023

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Whether you have decided to get started in tech, are a professional in the field, or just curious, joining a community of people like you helps: Pursuing a university degree or a coding bootcamp is a big commitment of both your time, and money (yours, your employer’s, or that of society at large via programs like the Bildungsgutschein). Starting with occasional free/low cost workshops or talks by professionals is a good way to find out whether programming is right for you. It is also a good opportunity to build your skills before starting a longer program.

While lots of resources are available online to learn how to code, and remote working has become popular, learning is a lot more fun with face to face interactions and the support of more experienced teachers and mentors.

We have curated for you the top tech communities in Berlin in 2023 that you can join for free to get your foot in the door. The organizations we have selected are committed to creating an inclusive environment, and bringing more diversity to tech.

Most of the events are held in English, so non-German speakers are able to take advantage of them as well!

  1. Code Labs Academy Berlin - Coding School

Code Labs Academy is an International Coding School that helps interested people in gaining new, or improving their existing tech skills. In addition to our regular full-time and part-time classes, our Berlin campus (located in the hip neighborhood of Kreuzberg) hosts many events to accompany Berliners on their tech journey, from social gatherings to expert talks, introductory workshops in Cyber Security, SQL, Python, Machine Learning, JavaScript, UX/UI Design etc. We pride ourselves in creating a friendly and inclusive community for learners!

  1. AI Campus Berlin

Merantix’s AI Campus brings together startups, researchers, government, corporates and investors to collaborate on Artificial Intelligence. They organize regular AI focused events, such as workshops and tech talks.

  1. Berlin.JS

Berlin.JS is a community focused on JavaScript that meets monthly at the Co.Up space in Kreuzberg.

  1. Berlin Hack and Tell

Berlin Hack and Tell is a monthly meetup where multiple presenters show their code for 5 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of open discussions with the audience. With a community of 5,000 members, the Berlin group outgrew the original NYC group that inspired it.

Berlin Tech Community

  1. co.up

co.up is a community space that supports learning initiatives by hosting the free ones at no cost. They also rent out their space for all sorts of events.

  1. Codebar

Codebar is a charitable organization focused on bringing opportunities to minorities to learn coding. They run regular workshops and one-off events covering coding and technology more generally.

  1. Heart of Code

Heart of Code is a community of women interested in all programming things. They have been gathering regularly since 2017 to discuss intro Python concepts, data visualization, and more generally hack together.

  1. IT Frauen Berlin

IT Frauen Berlin is part of the German chapter of Women in Informatics (Fachgruppe Frauen und Informatik), a group started in 1986 committed to improving the representation of women in tech. They are also part of the German Informatics Society. They hold monthly meetups devoted to the exchange of knowledge, and facilitating the entry of women in the tech industry.

  1. Open Tech School Berlin

Open Tech School is a movement organizing free programming workshops and events. Its volunteer coaches create original content that they share online, and teach at their events. Their very first chapter is in Berlin! They usually meet at the Co.up space, and now count 15,000 members.

  1. PyBerlin

PyBerlin covers any topic about Python. They organize a wide variety of events, including professional development talks, teaching kids how to code, workshops on data analytics etc.

PyBerlin is part of the larger Python Foundation Network.

  1. PyLadies Berlin

PyLadies is a mentorship group founded in 2011 with the goal to increase the representation of minority groups in tech, and a focus on open-source contributions in Python. Their Berlin chapter holds regular events, including mentoring sessions, social gatherings, talks etc.

PyLadies Berlin is part of the larger Python Foundation Network.

  1. Silicon Allee

Since 2011, Silicon Allee has been supporting Berlin's tech and startup community. They have built a network of founders, experts and investors and run a range of events for entrepreneurs and tech folk. Plus other projects such as the Berlin Founders Fund, a year-long accelerator program, Residency, which helps international startups soft-land in Berlin, and Skytrain, a transatlantic network of investors.

  1. TechLabs Berlin

TechLabs teaches its members Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Web Development and UX Design. They connect volunteers with learners both online and in-person, and regularly organize community events.

  1. Women Techmakers Berlin

WTM has been promoting diversity in tech since 2015 in Berlin. They organize a variety of activities, including study groups and talks. Everyone is welcome to their events, regardless of gender, age etc.

  1. Women Who Code Berlin

Women Who Code’s mission is to “inspire women to excel in technology careers”. They are working towards a world where women are fairly represented across all the tech jobs. Their global community counts close to 300,000 members, more than 6,000 of whom participate in their Berlin chapter.

  1. Women Who Go Berlin

Women Who Go’s Berlin chapter organizes study groups for women looking to learn the Go programming language.

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