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Full-time: 12 weeks | part-time: 24 Weeks

Welcome to Code Labs Academy! We've chosen Germany as our home because of its thriving tech scene and outstanding reputation as a leader in the European tech industry. Our campus is fully remote, making it accessible to learners and instructors worldwide


Germany is a powerhouse for tech startups, offering a wealth of opportunities for coders like you to find exciting work and establish meaningful careers. As a top country for tech innovation in Europe, Germany provides the perfect environment for Code Labs Academy participants to dive into the fast-paced tech landscape.

Our Code Labs Academy campus is open to learners and instructors across various subject disciplines, fostering a vibrant and collaborative learning community. In-person events play a crucial role in the experience, letting you engage directly with the tech community and build connections throughout Germany's dynamic tech hubs.


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At Code Labs Academy, you'll learn from our amazing instructors who are not only experienced but also passionate about helping participants like you succeed. Our remote learning format offers both convenience and flexibility, so you can access top-quality education regardless of where you are in Germany or what your schedule looks like.

As a Code Labs Academy participant in Germany, you'll have access to in-person workshops, career talks, and networking events. We're well-connected within the local tech scene, providing you with numerous opportunities to meet industry professionals and kickstart your career.

In a nutshell, Code Labs Academy's bootcamps will give you the skills and confidence you need to excel in the tech industry. By joining our growing community of successful professionals, you too can launch a rewarding career in technology. Don't hesitate – sign up today and take the first step towards your future success!

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