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Beginner Kaggle Machine Learning Competition

Familiarity with Python & Machine Learning
Just over an hour!

With this step-by-step webinar, you will be able to complete your first Machine Learning competition! From analyzing the problem and data to constructing, refining, and verifying your model, learn how to cope with a data science project. You will also become acquainted with Kaggle and its competitions.

Σχετικό Bootcamp

Data Science Program

Πλήρης απασχόληση: 12 εβδομάδες | Μερική απασχόληση: 24 εβδομάδες

Gain the skills you need to make sense of the wealth of data available in our world. Manipulate data using Python and SQL; code your ML algorithms on vision, natural language tasks, and much more!

Αποκτήστε απεριόριστη πρόσβαση σε περισσότερα υλικά εργαστηρίων.

Κουίζ, προκλήσεις και πολλά άλλα! Εξασκηθείτε ενώ μαθαίνετε.

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