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Unser Team

Lernen Sie das kreative und hart arbeitende Team hinter der Code Labs Academy kennen.


Devrim has graduated with a Master’s degree at the EPFL in Switzerland, where he specialized in Data Science and Cyber Security with a particular interest in privacy and digital communication. During his academic years, Devrim was able to gain experience teaching computer science-related fields through instructor and lecturer positions. Devrim has now joined the Code Labs Academy Team as a Cyber Security Instructor where he will prepare and teach Cyber Security course content.

Devrim Celik

Cyber Security Instructor

Priyanka holds a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology and is now pursuing a Master's degree in Cyber Security in Germany. She loves teaching and all things related to Cyber Security. She will host and co-host Cyber Security workshops and bootcamp sessions as a Cyber Security Teaching Assistant. She is eager to guide CLA students through their own learning process.

Priyanka Balaji

Cyber Security Teaching Assistant

Having earned a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology & Leadership in California, USA and a Master’s degree in Work, Organizational, and Personnel Psychology in Spain and Italy, Rowan has published international research ranging from 21st century virtual teaching methods to the power of mindfulness and leadership in increasing innovation. As Code Lab Academy’s People Operations Manager, she works on all People-related projects (from full cycle recruitment to corporate training), as well as the launch of CLA’s Career Services Center.

Rowan Mulligan

General Manager & People Operations Manager

Monika is a master’s student in International Marketing Management in Berlin. She graduated with a degree in Festival and Event Management in Southampton, UK where she worked as an Event Manager organizing weddings and small events. After graduating, she worked as a Production Assistant for music and sports festivals in the UK. As CLA’s Berlin-based Community Creator, Monika will be creating and engaging CLA’s growing virtual and in-person community.

Monika Kredoszyńska

Community Creator

Moe is a full-Stack web developer and designer who enjoys creating beautiful web interfaces from the ground up. He loves teaching and helping others by sharing everything that he knows in an accessible manner for all levels. As Code Labs Academy’s Web Development Bootcamp Lead Instructor, he manages the bootcamp team and prepares our web development students with all the concepts and practice they need to become successful developers themselves.

Moe Bounoua

Web Development Bootcamp Instructor

Bernarda earned a Bachelors in Business Administration in Industrial & Organizational Psychology back in her home state of New York before going on to earn a Master’s degree in Work, Organizational, and Personnel Psychology through an European Erasmus program. She’s been a part of research on organizational leadership and also on team processes. As Code Labs Academy’s Career Services Center Specialist, she uses evidence-based career management practices to help prepare our bootcamp students and graduates to jumpstart their careers.

Bernarda DeOliveira

Career Services Center Specialist

Having earned a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, with a focus on the historical, it may initially seem strange that Lucy has worked in operations for young, tech oriented start-ups for her whole career. However, with a passion for lifelong learning and thinking outside the box, finding a place in the ever-evolving technical sector just made sense. As Code Labs Academy’s Operations Manager, with her more recent focus on further education, Lucy hopes to spread this contagious excitement for new ideas and their ability to empower those who embrace them.

Lucy S.

Operations Manager

With a degree in computer science engineering, Omar started his career as a virtual reality developer. He then switched career paths to follow his passion in web development and teaching based on his own professional experiences. As Code Labs Academy’s Full-stack Web Developer and Bootcamp Instructor, Omar works on making everyone’s work processes easier and provides the practical knowledge that the bootcamp students will need to start and succeed in their chosen career paths.

Omar Mokhfi

Full-Stack Developer & Bootcamp Instructor

After graduating with a degree in Insurance Business with a focus on marketing, Jennifer worked in marketing for a large corporation for 2 years in Germany. Believing in lifelong learning, she then decided to earn a Master’s degree in Culture, Communication and Globalization abroad in Denmark. Following this international path led her to start her position as Code Labs Academy’s Digital Marketing Manager, in which she creates content for LinkedIn, uses copywriting to optimize marketing content, and works on company branding and event management.

Jennifer Wunder

Digital Marketing Manager

Sara is a Product Designer from Reykjavík, based in Berlin. With a multidisciplinary background in design, Sara takes on the role of UX/UI Content Creator for Code Labs Academy. With a particular interest in visual design, user experience and in teaching, Sara is excited to combine all three when working on optimizing the study material for Code Labs Academy's course in UX/UI Design.

Sara Geirsdóttir

UX/UI Content Creator

Rebecca earned a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Ecotoxicology. With her background in environmental science and research, she is now transitioning into administration. She has international experience as both a research and communications assistant and a communications and administrative assistant. As CLA’s Administrative Assistant, Rebecca will be streamlining admin processes to support CLA learners and employees alike.

Rebecca Danieli

Business Administrative Assistant

Nadya studied graphic design and started her career as a junior designer in a small advertising studio. She then found her love for UX design while heading up and developing the interaction design department at a digital agency. Nadya has led the development of a Bachelor’s and Honours degree in Interaction Design at a local institution in South Africa, and she has served as the Head of Bootcamps at the Interaction Design Foundation where she worked with a 100% remote and global team of SMEs to develop 4 UX-related bootcamps. As CLA’s UX/UI Design Bootcamp Instructor, Nadya is excited to contribute to the shaping and scaling of the bootcamp while giving CLA students the best learning experience possible.

Nadya Santapaga

UX/UI Bootcamp Instructor