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About Treehouse

The Team Treehouse online school is a tech education platform designed to teach students about coding and design. There are over 300 Team Treehouse programs covering 23 different topics. This Team Treehouse review will analyze the school’s teaching style and affordability, and assess how much you can benefit from it.

You don't need to take a loan or sign up for a Team Treehouse deferred tuition program to pay for the education provided by this online platform. All Team treehouse payment options are subscription-based, allowing you to switch between tiers depending on what you can afford. This online course provider has yet to organize a Team Treehouse scholarship program, but you can get a seven-day free trial to explore its courses.

There is no Team Treehouse job placement program, either. However, the technical and soft skills Team Treehouse helps you learn and showcase are more than enough to get a job in your desired career path. Team Treehouse offers interactive courses on 21st-century skills and business skills, and awards badges you can use to track the progress of your learning experience. The courses you complete are great for attaching to your resume.

It can take between three to nine months to complete a Team Treehouse Techdegree. However, since Team Treehouse programs are self-paced and with most of the lessons being video courses or starter projects you’ll need to complete on your own time, your learning speed is entirely in your control. You won't need to do any kind of Team Treehouse bootcamp prep since the school is extremely beginner-friendly. You can jump right in and start learning.

What sets Team Treehouse apart from other online course providers is its commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion. Its mission is to provide tech educational opportunities to underrepresented members of society at an affordable rate. It also aims to promote diversity in tech and create opportunities for underrepresented populations by offering them easily accessible hands-on projects to develop practical skills.

Course at Treehouse

Python Web Development Techdegree
Full Stack JavaScript Techdegree
Java Web Development Techdegree
Android Development Techdegree
Front End Web Development Techdegree
iOS Development Techdegree

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