SoftStack Factory

SoftStack Factory

Offers Online Learning

CareersData Science, Web Development, Full Stack Development
Funding OptionsUpfront Payments, Loan Financing
LocationsSan Diego

About SoftStack Factory

SoftStack Factory is a San Diego based non-profit coding bootcamp focused on teaching teamwork, problem-solving, product building, and corporate etiquette through working on real-life projects with experienced mentors. SoftStack Factory offers two programs: one for Web Development and one for Data Science. Both programs are offered as part-time evening, in-person classes. The courses are pay-as-you-go and typically last from 4-8 weeks. The web development program lasts 24-weeks, for a total cost of $750, and has four phases covering JavaScript, HTML & CSS, MEAN stack, and mobile development. Their data science program lasts 12-weeks, for a total cost of $750, and consists of two phases, the first being Intro to Python for Data Science, the second covering Data Science and Machine Learning. SoftStack Factory aims to bring long term value to the local community via a business model that allows a company to commission an application built by our students and mentors. The fees from the commission support the students' studies.

Course at SoftStack Factory

Web Development 1: Intro to Programming
Data Science 1: Intro to Python for Data Science
Web Development 4: Real World Project
Web Development 3: Hybrid Mobile Application Development with Ionic
Web Development 2: MEAN Stack
Data Science 2: Data Science & Machine Learning

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