Ruby On The Beach

Ruby On The Beach

Offers Online Learning

CareersWeb development
Funding OptionsUpfront Payments, Loan Financing
LocationsBali, Canary Islands, Pacific Coast, Ecuador

About Ruby On The Beach

Ruby on the Beach is the world's premier destination-based tech bootcamp offering an 8 to 10-week, hybrid, online full stack coding bootcamp intropical locations. This way, participants are introduced to the least stressful way to live the bootcamp experience in destinations like Bali, Thailand, and Ecuador. Their program teaches JavaScript and Ruby development skills through one-on-one cloud-based learning and in-person team hacking. These four goals, formulated by David and Roger Johnson, of the Cooperative Learning Institute guide Ruby on the Beach's course design: individual accountability (each person in the group learns the material), promotive interaction (group members help one another, share information, offer clarifying explanations), social skills (group members must practice leadership, communication, compromise) and group processing (group members must regularly assess how well they are working together and make necessary adjustments).

Course at Ruby On The Beach

Cloud Camp
Project Camp

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