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Rice University Boot Camps

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About Rice University Boot Camps

Rice University Boot Camps is one of the top tech bootcamps in the country. Rice University Boot Camps online courses include a cyber security program, a financial technology program, a web development program, and a data science program. The school is well known for its certificate courses that attract students from around the world, delivering hands-on training for in-demand tech skills.

Rice University Boot Camps programs are offered in collaboration with Trilogy Education Services and can be taken on a full-time and part-time basis, making it easy for students to handle the school’s competitive curriculum according to their own schedule. The part-time programs’ hands-on courses are taught for 24 weeks and the full-time online courses are taught over 12 weeks. The bootcamps can be taken in-person or online.

Rice University Boot Camps cost s $11,995 for part-time students, while full-time students pay $12,995. A variety of Rice University Boot Camps payment options are available to help its students develop essential skills in tech with less financial stress. No Rice University Boot Camps scholarship nor Rice University Boot Camps deferred tuition option is available. This Rice University Boot Camps review will go over everything you need to know about the school.

There is not a Rice University Boot Camps job placement program, but the access to career services offered by the school will help you land your dream job through portfolio reviews, mock interviews, training in networking and interview training, and social media profile support. The job assistance the school’s career-planning services provide you will help you build a strong, professional portfolio and resume that are sure to impress any potential employer.

The school features instruction-based and interactive classes, along with plenty of team projects that can help you build your skills in visual design theory, knowledge of Google analytics, and problem-solving skills. Through the in-person and online Rice University Boot Camps programs, you’ll get access to the school’s wide range of career services to prepare you for a job in the tech industry.

There is no Rice University Boot Camps bootcamp prep program, as the school’s project-based curriculum is user-friendly and made for beginners and made to prepare any tech newbie for a career in tech. Graduating students are able to turn the relevant skills they’ve acquired into high-growth careers in fields like digital marketing, campaign development, modern information security, or offensive cyber security.

Course at Rice University Boot Camps

Financial Technology - Part-Time
Full-Stack Flex - Full-Time
Data Science and Visualization - Part-Time
Cybersecurity - Part-Time

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