RED Academy

RED Academy

Offers Online Learning

CareersWeb development
Funding OptionsUpfront Payments, Loan Financing
LocationsLondon, Toronto, Vancouver

About RED Academy

RED Academy is a full-time design and technology school with locations in Toronto, Vancouver, and London. They offer part- and full-time courses in digital marketing, UX & UI design, and web & app development. Their coursework is designed to be immersive and radically relevant to today's tech industry. RED's Community Partners are mostly startups or non-profits that are giving back to the community which means students will have a hand in making a social impact while learning in the field.

Course at RED Academy

UI & Communication Design Professional
Application Developer Professional
Web Developer Professional Work-Study
Full Stack Marketer
Digital Marketing Professional Work-Study
Full-Stack Designer Work-Study
UX Designer Professional
Full-stack Developer Professional
Full-Stack Developer Work-Study
Web Development Professional
Digital Marketing Professional
Full-Stack Marketer Work-Study
Full-Stack Designer Professional
UI Designer Professional
Full-Stack Developer
UX Designer Professional Work-Study

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