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About Prehired

Prehired has a career acceleration program that prepares members for new careers in software sales. Prehired is not a school or a bootcamp. It’s a private professional group with an education and mentorship program for new members. Prehired guarantees that members will land a tech sales job within 12 months of starting the program. If not, they get their money back.

The Prehired program prepares members to become software sales reps with a Science-Based Sales® curriculum. This covers 60 to 120 hours of pre-recorded lectures and assignments. The online, remote curriculum can be completed in as little as two weeks. Training is only limited to online teaching. It also includes one-on-one mentorship and career coaching.

Prehired costs $30,000 to become a member and take the course. Prehired has a job guarantee, so members don’t have to pay until they land a job that pays $60,000 or more. The $30,000 price tag includes a lifetime membership to the Prehired community, which is full of active members in a wide variety of tech sales positions.

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Prehired Science-Based Sales®

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