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About PDX Code Guild

PDX Code Guild is a bootcamp based in Portland, Oregon. PDX Code Guild programs include Programming 101 and 102, Python/JavaScript Full Stack Development Bootcamp, and Advanced Node & React Fullstack Bootcamp. Normally, there aren’t any PDX Code Guild online courses available. However, PDX Code Guild reviews from former students described participating in remote courses because of the pandemic. To cover the cost of these courses, there are several PDX Code Guild payment options, including upfront payment, grants, payment plans, a lay-away option, and multiple discounts. Other than a PDX Code Guild scholarship, this bootcamp offers nearly every possible payment option. While there isn’t a PDX Code Guild job placement service, there are career services that guide students through the job-search process. These services, along with PDX Code Guild’s bootcamp prep course and intensive program, thoroughly equip students to succeed in relevant fields.

Course at PDX Code Guild

Junior Developer Bootcamp

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