Offers Online Learning

CareersWeb Development
Funding OptionsUpfront Payments, Loan Financing
LocationsKansas City, Miami, St. Louis

About LaunchCode

LaunchCode is a nonprofit bootcamp that offers free courses and other resources. LaunchCode programs are primarily focused on web development and aim to provide a safe place for women to learn how to code. While there aren’t any LaunchCode online programs, LaunchCode vows to help online students find online resources that meet their needs. It also arranges apprenticeships, which a large number of LaunchCode reviews reported finding permanent job offers from. The LaunchCode job placement team walks candidates through a detailed assessment process to place them with employers who best match their skills and preferences. These job placement services are open to anyone, regardless of enrollment status. There isn’t a LaunchCode scholarship or any other LaunchCode payment options because its services are free. The LaunchCode bootcamp prep work must be completed before the provided deadline. Students who don’t complete the prep work aren’t allowed to enroll in programs.

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