Offers Online Learning

CareersData Science, Web Development, Cybersecurity
Funding OptionsUpfront Payments, Loan Financing
ScheduleOnline, Full-time, Part-time

About KeepCoding

KeepCoding offers ten-month part-time online bootcamps in mobile development, web development, big data and machine learning, DevOps, and Cybersecurity. They also offer an intensive Python bootcamp from Zero in Madrid. The bootcamps are taught via video conferencing, and Madrid-based students have the option of scheduling face-to-face sessions with instructors and a coach. Students learn software development skills, as well as how to create a business plan and seek funding.

Course at KeepCoding

Full Stack DevOps Bootcamp
Full Stack Cybersecurity Bootcamp
Bootcamp Programming from Zero
Full Stack Mobile Bootcamp
Full Stack Web Bootcamp
Full Stack Big Data
AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp

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