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About Flockjay

Flockjay is an online tech sales training academy that helps you launch a high paying career in tech. If you have a background in retail, hospitality, customer service, the food/restaurant industry or have worked in a customer facing role... tech sales could be your path to a high growth career and we'd love to help you get there! Why tech sales? It's a high demand job category that offers 6 figure earnings potential in just a few years. You don't need a degree or prior experience in tech. And if you're a good listener, are goal driven, and are ready for immense personal growth - you already have the foundation for success! Have sales experience in a non-tech industry? Great, we've helped experienced sales professionals pivot into tech and we can help you too! Our 10 week program teaches you everything you need to know to start a sales job in tech. With live interactive classes you learn by doing and get to use professional sales software (eg. Salesforce). You'll get to meet with industry executives from top tech companies to build your network, learn from their experience, and get the inside edge on landing a job. More than just training, we also provide extensive job placement support and assign you a personal Career Services Manager. We optimize your resume for sales jobs, coach you on the interview practice, and make personal introductions to companies in our network looking to hire Flockjay grads. We also want you to be successful for the long term. Once you join Flockjay you're part of our community for life and get access to our Slack groups, alumni networking events, and both live events and video training content to keep your skills sharp.

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Tech Sales (SDR) Training & Job Placement

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