Offers Online Learning

CareersUI/UX Design, Web Development, iOS Development
Funding OptionsUpfront Payments, Loan Financing
LocationsDallas, Lehi, Online, Phoenix, Provo, Salt Lake City
ScheduleFull-time, Part-time

About Devmountain

Devmountain is a coding bootcamp and design school that offers housing at no extra cost to immersive students who attend one of its three campuses in Lehi, Dallas, and Phoenix. Though the bootcamp focuses on in-person instruction, Devmountain online programs still provide the same valuable curriculum. Devmountain programs last anywhere from six to 32 weeks. The bootcamp is known for providing high-quality education. In one Devmountain review, a student mentions that he “was able to get hands-on experience on software testing projects and certification from the International Software Testing Qualifications Board.”

Unfortunately, there are not many Devmountain payment options. Students can either pay tuition costs upfront on their own or opt to secure financing through one of Devmountain’s preferred lending partners. With this, there is no official Devmountain deferred tuition plan, but students can secure deferred loans and income share agreements with the suggested lending partners. However, those who would like to get financial assistance through a Devmount scholarship are in luck because the bootcamp offers several scholarship options that can be used for any of Devmountain’s programs.

Since being founded in 2013, Devmountain has helped thousands of students start a career in tech. Prospective students can see the bootcamp’s success within the Devmountain job placement rate. In 2020, across all of Devmountain’s programs, 79.9 percent of reporting students had found jobs more than six months after graduation. Of those students who reported their income, Devmountain graduates had an average income of $62,130.

There is a variety of Devmountain courses that can last between four to 32 weeks, depending on whether you would like full-time or part-time instruction. Though there is no official Devmountain bootcamp prep course, there is a course called Coding Basics that will help students gain the fundamental knowledge they need to move on to more advanced courses.

Course at Devmountain

UX Design | After Hours
iOS Development | Immersive
Software QA Testing | Immersive
Web Development | Immersive
UX Design | Immersive

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