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Founded on the belief that the best way to become a software craftsman is to learn from other craftsmen, Craftsmanship Academy program's approach is to expose participants to themes, concepts and skills through teaching and examples. Then, they help participants establish their ability to recognize and apply what they are learning through repeated application in increasingly complicated contexts. Many of the skills they concentrate on are not taught (or at least not emphasized or put in their proper perspective) in colleges or other bootcamps. During skills immersion, students learn Ruby, Rails, HTML, SASS, JavaScript, SQL, no-SQL, mobile development for iOS, data structures, design patterns, agile software development, and much more. Then, they transition to a 3-6 month apprenticeship developing real world projects under the supervision of master craftsmen. Those who successfully complete the Apprenticeship phase will proceed to a 3-9 month residency at RoleModel.

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