AW Academy

AW Academy

In-person Only

CareersFull Stack Developer, Front End Developer, Cyber Security
Funding OptionsUpfront Payments
LocationsHelsinki, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Munich, Oslo, Stockholm

About AW Academy

AW Academy offers a 12-week, intensive bootcamps in C#/.Net, Java, JavaScript, Cybersecurity, and Salesforce as well as other upskilling training opportunities through its pedagogical platform, The AW Academy Way. The bootcamps are offered in-person in Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki, Copenhagen, Munich, Hamburg, and online. Since 2015, over 1,700 individuals have changed their careers or upskilled through AW Academy’s training programs and modules. AW Academy bootcamps are instructor-led and taught in Swedish. The bootcamps are free of charge. To apply for the bootcamps, applicants must be fluent in Swedish and English and at least 18 years old. No prior experience or knowledge is required to apply. Applicants will complete an interview with challenge questions. Graduates of the bootcamps are offered guaranteed employment with assignment through AW Academy's partner, Academic Work.

Course at AW Academy

C#.Net Intensive Bootcamp
Cyber Security
Java Bootcamp
JavaScript Bootcamp

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