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CSS Crash Course: Build your First Website

This workshop introduces absolute beginners to CSS. It covers everything you need to know about CSS, how it works, and all the basics from Box Model, Selectors, Media queries to Positions and Animation. The workshop will cover a real Demo where we are going to use CSS basics to create astonishing websites that stand out. We will also tackle the transition from CSS to TailwindCSS and some tips on how you can continue on your own.

No Requirements

Just under 2,5h!

Upcoming Web Development Program

The web development bootcamp is an immersive program that will make you job-ready full-stack web developers. Learn how to code meaningful applications from scratch using first-class technologies, such as HTML/CSS and NodeJS.

Other Workshops

CSS Crash Course: Build your First Website
This workshop introduces absolute beginners to CSS where it covers everything you need to know about CSS, how it works, and all the basics.
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Deploy your Machine Learning model with Python
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Machine Learning for Precipitation Nowcasting
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Javascript for Beginners
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Beginner Kaggle Machine Learning Competition
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SQL Injection for Beginners
This workshop covers several sorts of SQL injection attacks, including practical examples, SQL injection automation with SQLMAP, defense methods, and more.

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