#Web Development

Javascript for Beginners

Basic programming & Javascript knowledge is a plus.
Just under 1,5h!

In this workshop, we will explore Javascript’s core concepts with an emphasis on the newer features offered by ES6 syntax. We will do so by going through a selection of exercises and practical examples along with an in-depth explanation of each use case and follow-up exercises so you can keep practicing and improving!

Bootcamp connexe

Web Development Program

Temps plein : 12 semaines | Temps partiel : 24 semaines

The web development bootcamp is an immersive program that will make you job-ready full-stack web developers. Learn how to code meaningful applications from scratch using first-class technologies, such as HTML/CSS and NodeJS.

Obtenez un accès illimité à davantage de matériel d’atelier.

Des quiz, des défis et bien plus encore ! Pratiquez tout en apprenant.

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