Tech under 40: Finding your way in tech

Join us for our very first in-person event in Berlin!

Date and timeSat, 26 Nov 2022 15:00:00 GMT
LocationKarl-Marx-Straße 17, 12043 Berlin
Tech under 40: Finding your way in tech Cover Image

About the event

Join us for our very first in-person event in Berlin!

Industry professionals will talk about their experience in the tech field and how they got where they are today. After every presentation there'll be a Q&A session where you'll get the chance to ask your questions directly.

After presentations we'll open up a panel - moderated by Lucy, CLA's operations manager - where audience participation is welcome.

Wondering who the speakers are?

Pauline Marie Didier, Software Engineer at Klarna:

"I am Pauline, 31. and I am an engineer with cybersecurity awareness who loves being challenged everyday. Building products, that enhance life and improve real life communication, is my main motivation and I will learn whatever it takes to make a product come to life.""

Phillip Donner, Senior Technology Consultant at EY:

"I am Philipp, 33 years old, from Berlin. I have a in mathematics and after my studies I worked in one of the leading insurtechs as an Actuarial Analyst and Data Scientist. At the moment I am at EY working as a tech consultant. I think that we are still at the very beginning of the data revolution and that we can use data to shape our world. I'm going to talk about how the premium calculation works, what's the actual digital status in the insurance industry, and about the chances of ML/AI within the insurance industry."

Zhino Mahmoudpour, Software Engineer at Proximity Technology:

"I'm Zhino, 27 years old, originally from Iran. I moved to Germany 4 years ago, was feeling lost and had no idea what I could do here with my French Studies and Linguistics BA degree. I tried out different options until I came across coding bootcamps about 2 years ago and got the opportunity to dive into an area I'd never considered before: web development. I fell in love with coding immediately and was the first one to land a job as a Junior Software Engineer in my class a few months before finishing the bootcamp, despite not having any prior experience and being a total beginner. It's been 9 months now since I started working for Proximity Technology GmbH and I can't wait to share my story."

Join us afterwards for refreshments and networking.

Sign up early because the seats are limited - 40 spots available.

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Read more about and sign up to the morning event (starting at 10.30) here: ! If you book tickets for both events you'll get a promo code with your first ticket - use it on your second one!

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