Introduction to Web Design and Development

A full beginners guide to web development - all essentials in one free workshop!

Date and timeSat, 17 Dec 2022 16:00:00 GMT
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About the event

A full beginners guide to web development - all essentials in one free workshop!

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| About 📝

This workshop introduces absolute beginners to Web development. By the end of this workshop, participants would be able to answer these questions:

|Key takeaways 🧑‍💻

  • How do Websites Work?
  • What's the difference between Frontend and Backend?
  • What are the essential roles in a web development team?
  • What are the three technologies of the web.
  • Frameworks and different stacks in web development.
  • Advice to kick-start your journey in web development.

|Prerequisites ✅

No requirements! Beginner-friendly

| Coming this January 📅

Web Development Bootcamp

The web development bootcamp is an immersive program that will make you job-ready full-stack web developers. Learn how to code meaningful applications from scratch using first-class technologies, such as HTML/CSS and NodeJS.

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Please, keep in mind that these workshops are being recorded and shared on CLA’s Youtube channel for learning purposes. We want to make our videos easily accessible for everyone interested in the topic. Feel free to participate with your cameras on or off, whatever makes you feel more comfortable.

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